What Are Some Of The Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid cars are cars which run on electric batteries which can be charged as well as gasoline. In other words, hybrid cars are a fusion of conventional cars which run on gasoline and electric cars. Hence, these cars have certain advantages as well as disadvantages from both categories. While most people are united on the stance that hybrid cars are good for the environment, there are certain disadvantages as well. The first glaring disadvantage is that hybrid cars are extremely expensive, owing to the sophisticated technologies being used. Hybrid cars are far more expensive than conventional cars, and hence investing in a hybrid car can prove to be a major financial liability at the beginning. Another financial liability is the fact that many states charge an extra fee for the registration of hybrid cars, and hence, this adds to the total cost of the hybrid cars even more. For those who like to drive a little faster than average, hybrid can be a bit of a problem, as hybrid cars cannot accelerate as fast normal cars do. There are some disadvantages that come from using an electric battery to power the car. The first being that if you wish to use the car for a considerable amount of time and distance, the car needs to be charged almost all night for the batteries to run throughout the day. This can be inconvenient as putting the batteries on charge through the night can be a bother as well as a safety hazard. Another risk to safety and security is that in the unfortunate case of an accident taking place, there is an added risk of being uncovered and unprotected from high voltage electric wires. Another disadvantage with hybrid cars is that their systems are complex and confusing, as the technology used is so different from that in average cars. Hence, in case the car is not functioning properly, it is not possible to repair the car on your own and the necessity to take it to an experienced mechanic arises. So, for those people who take pride in being able to take apart and put together their vehicles with ease, hybrid cars are sure to prove to be a challenge. The battery packs that are used to lend power to hybrid cars are extremely heavy and add to the weight of the car and add as an additional load that the vehicle needs to lug around. Also, the many components that form parts of the hybrid cars are all one of a kind and rare, and so incase a replacement is called for, it can prove to be extremely difficult to find the required car parts, and even if these parts are available, they are often extremely expensive and hence, maintenance of hybrid cars can be said to be a costly affair as well. Another fault with hybrid cars is that it has been found by many users and people who have tested the hybrid cars that the mileage derived out of the car is actually about 10% less than the mileage which hybrid cars are said to deliver. Hence, while you might be paying for a certain amount of fuel efficiency, the amount derived is not the same as the amount promised.

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