What Are Electric Hybrids?

Electric hybrid cars are those vehicles which are basically a cross between electric cars and conventional cars powered by gasoline. Hybrid electric vehicles have a conservative propulsion system which is combined with a battery storage system which is rechargeable. The method of regenerative breaking is used in some of the newer models of hybrid electric vehicles to confine kinetic energy in order to be able to extend the battery life of the charge in the battery systems. The engine used in hybrid electric vehicles is smaller in size than the one used in conventional, gasoline-powered vehicles, and is generally more efficient due to being able to function at various speeds. It was the launch of the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight in the late 1990s that truly resulted in a surge of popularity of hybrid electric vehicles. The earliest concept and design of a hybrid electric car was formulated in the year 1901 by Ferdinand Porsche. The car was given the name of “Mixte” and it broke and set several speed records in Austria.
Different hybrid cars have different designs, and the specific characteristics which vary from design to design basically include the type of fuel being used, the method of operation that the car functions on and the structure of the hybrid vehicle drivetrain. In the year 2007, many prominent companies in the automobile world announced the prospective launch of vehicles that would be manufactured using some of the technology that goes into the making of hybrid electric vehicles, without having to make use of the hybrid electric drivetrain. This is being done in order to be able to control and minimize the levels of consumption of fuel. There are various techniques that can be used to reduce the fuel consumption to maximize on the fuel economy of the car. Kinetic Energy can be harnessed using the method 0of regenerative breaking and this captured energy can be stored in a variety of electrical components of the car, including accessories such as the air conditioner. In order to be able to conserve some of the fuel and at the same time minimize the levels of emissions, it is advised that one should shut down the engine of the car while idling, as this also negates the use of hybrid electric drivetrain. The most common fuel used to power the engines of hybrid electric cars is gasoline. While most of the gasoline is basically derived from petroleum, it has been found that using some of the petroleum-derived gasoline mixed with certain quantities of ethanol also works efficiently while preserving the petroleum reserves. There are also some hybrid electric vehicles which work on the powering of diesel electric engines. When hybrid technology is used in combination with a diesel engine it shown to have better results in the field of mileage extracted from the car. Another advantage of diesel engines is that while they are compatible with petroleum, they do not actually require fuels derived from petroleum and can work just as efficiently by making use of 100% unadulterated biofuels.

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