What effect to hybrid cars have on the environment?

Hybrid cars are being hailed as the perfect medicine to fighting pollution. While it is not practical or possible to stop using cars all together, the effect that cars have on the environment is worrisome and a cause for serious concern. Hence, finding an alternative, a balance between efficiency and environmental-friendliness has become the need of the hour.

It is in this light that hybrid cars are being welcomed, heralding in a new world where using cars is no longer a threat to the environment. Hybrid cars are always in the news, and the opinions of people vary like night and day. While companies producing the cars claim that hybrid cars are the answer to finding a balance between effective motoring technology and eco-friendly functioning, users claim that the mileage derived from hybrid cars far outshines that gotten out of conventional vehicles and environmentalists are skeptical but agree that until some significantly better technology is formulated, hybrid cars are at least better than convention cars which run on gasoline.

The general consensus is that hybrid cars have a positive and uplifting effect on the environment. Hybrid electric cars function by combining an electric motor along with certain amounts of gasoline. In a nutshell, hybrid cars are an amalgamation of hybrid cars and conventional cars. Tailpipe emissions of cars are basically comprised of gases such as Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides and also Hydrocarbons. These gases collectively are known as Greenhouse Gases and are a cause for concern because of the threat they pose to the earth by trapping the heat that should be released into space and holding it inside the earth�s atmosphere.

Cars which function on conventional fuels derived from petroleum are known to emit copious amounts of Greenhouse Gases and are thus held responsible for a large portion of the pollution levels. This excess of gases being trapped in the atmosphere is resulting in the phenomenon of Global Warming which refers to the condition of surface temperatures on land and sub surface temperatures in the oceans rising ominously. The predicted result of Global Warming indicates at mass destruction of the earth and all its reserves, posing a threat to all of mankind and life as we know it.

The basic advantage of hybrid cars is that they minimal and sometimes even zero tailpipe emissions, thus they help in clearing up the atmosphere by not adding any more toxins to it. As hybrid cars emit a significantly lower level of gaseous emissions, they have been accepted as a resolution to the problem of gaseous emissions if not permanently then at least for a brief interlude, until some new, more effective, less expensive technology is conceptualized.

Another added advantage of hybrid cars is that they run solely on electric motors the batteries of which can be charged in accordance with the need of the user. Hence, the requirement for fuels to power the engine is entirely eliminated. This is excellent from the ecological point of view as it reduces the dependence of human beings on petroleum for fuel. As petroleum is a non renewable, easily exhaustible source of energy, it has become imperative to control the usage of petroleum. Hence, by minimizing the use of petroleum in fuels we are in effect helping to preserve the resources. So not only do hybrid vehicles reduce the usage of fossil fuels, they also clean up the environment. Hence, in the long run, hybrid cars are economical and environmentally sound.

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